by The Northern

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released April 2, 2013


Guitars - Michael Leo Valeri, Michael Di Domenico
Lead Vocals - Nick Papageorgiou
Drums & Percussion - Sean Curry
Bass Guitar - Evan Watton

Produced by Michael Leo Valeri
Reamping by Aaron Marshall
Mixed by: Doug Meadows of The Grid Studio
Mastered by Joey Sturgis of The Foundation Estate & Doug Meadows of The Grid Studio

Special thanks to Doug Meadows, Cameron Gray, Kirsten Urbas & the Valeri family, Lesley Spencer, Ben Dundas, Joey Sturgis, Eric Gonsalves, Aaron Marshall, Lukas Guyader, Papa Benson, Devin Kendall, Chris Delegas, Shawaz Imam, Warren Young, Thé Quigs, the guys at Beheading the Traitor & Djentleman's Club, and our amazing listeners. This is for you.



all rights reserved


The Northern Toronto, Ontario

Perfectly combining djent and metalcore, Canadian band The Northern stays true to themselves within a unique sound that fans have grown to love.

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Track Name: Purgatory
We are the innocent ones
Wake up
Is this a dream, or is this real life?
This world
This world is empty
Free from conviction
This world is far from innocent

Entombed by the image
We are all lost
Beg, Plead, and Crawl
They won't forgive at all...

This world is unforgiving
This world is unforgiving

When will I wake up?
This dream is all too much
Where do I begin?
The end is almost here

Wake up
& we will run

Trapped from the hate within,
Marching the masses to battle
We will not back down
This will end tonight

March on
This will end tonight
wake up my soul inside

Track Name: Imperium
Keep on
To what we know
This endless struggle
Your life is futile
We've lost control

We are
This war

The blood of the innocent
Will be spilled by anyone in our way

Buck up, Champ
This is your chance to show everyone
This is your final stand

Bring on the armoured masses
I'll stand my ground
We own this burden

We are
This war

This is our home..
(Come save me)
This is our home
The place we struggle for
Solace unknown
will you just join?
& all we have to count on
Is our constant urge to exist


The good fall young

Here we stand, left for those to keep
the order of what once was gold
Track Name: Circadian Effect
My mind
Bound by what's inside

What have I become?
This place where I came from
So cold
Was meek
What the fuck is this hell I see?
What make a man, do what he does?
Pushed to the limits of what he can solve
Inside my head, I'd rather just be dead

What I am
What's left of what I was?
Who the fuck do you think you are?
Who the fuck do they think they are?
I only have this mask
To show what I hid from
I am the masochist...

This is the end of life as I know it
Track Name: Midori
This world is ours
Show them all how it's done
Held down, drowning in hate

We have one life
I'm in control
I'm in control
You just can't see what's there
I know things I can't bare…


You are unclean
Cleanse this earth
You are unclean
Scum of the earth
You will now be clean
Scum of the earth will be cleaned.